The Conference theme would be discussed under four sessions as follows:
Session 1

The concept of connectivity and port hinterlands: components, modal options For this session, speakers will be invited from UNCTAD, WTO, African Corridor Management Organisations, and landlocked Inland and Dry Port Operators to discuss connectivity from both theoretical and practical point of view, share experience on which models work better and how Africa is faring on all the logistics performance and connectivity indicators.

Session 2
Funding options for hinterland connectivity – hard and soft infrastructure This session will assess the hinterland corridor infrastructure development planning and funding situation in Africa, sources reliable funding for infrastructure development, and how governments can access affordable funding for port and hinterland projects development. The following institutions would be invited to facilitate this session: World Bank, African Development Bank, African Union’s NEPAD programme Secretariat, etc.

Session 3
Africa’s ports landscape: infrastructure, governance models, and landlocked transit corridors Selected Port Authorities to speak in this Session are African ports with large captive and extended hinterlands some of which connect to landlocked countries using road and rail modes. The session will share experience of the Port of Antwerp Authority, which is reputed to be servicing one of the most diverse hinterlands with efficient connectivity. Ports to be invited as speakers are:
(i) Transnet National Port Authority (South Africa).
(ii) Kenya Ports Authority.
(iii) Douala Port Authority (Cameroon).
(iv) Nigerian Ports Authority.
(v) Cotonou Port Authority (Benin).
(vi) Abidjan Port Authority (Cote d’Ivoire).
(vii) Dakar Port Authority (Senegal).
(viii) Tanger Med Port (Morocco).
(ix) Port of Alexandria (Egypt).
(x) Antwerp Port Authority (Belgium).

Session 4
Sustainability and facilitation of the logistics and transport supply chain This session will examine trade facilitation mechanisms as soft tools for improved port hinterland connectivity, explore the topical subject of sustainable transport and supply chain including the concept of Smart ports; and discuss how trade and port single windows contribute to improving port hinterland connectivity. Speakers for this session will be invited from the IMO, Port of Hamburg, Port and Trade Single Window Management organisations from Ghana, and ESPO Secretariat..